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Here’s a scrapped cartoon I dug up from right before I made “Bloody Sundae”. I started animating this with no script the summer before I started college. The character is basically a prototype for Jim from “Summer Rec”, his name is even just Jim Wood. I stopped working on it because I realized I didn’t want to literally devote an entire cartoon to a dick joke. That’s all the cartoon would amount to, I was 17…

This is the last cartoon I did with 4-finger characters. I dunno why, but I animated this at 30 fps, duuumb. And wow, I sucked at walk-cycles back then.


i’m really glad tumblr user beesmygod found sacredseaweed’s king of the hill edits because they’re simultaneously extremely hilarious and viscerally upsetting. the person has some real editing chops and does the whole “incorporate stupid visual gags into a surreal story” thing that good king of the hill ytps do. unlike most koth ytp, if this was an actual tv show i’d want to watch it

This is what my girlfriend and I did for Valentine’s Day this year.
It’s almost like a Dark Homer version of King of the Hill

A character test I did I slapped together in one night for Derek, back for an animation assignment in my sophomore year at Edinboro University. I posted this a whiiiiile back as a clickable Flash file, which was dumb. Also, I can see about a 1000 things I’d do differently with this now.

The monologue here is actually Chris Zambelis’ audition track for Derek. He nailed it

H-hey Rick, that’s a real cool snowglobe of my house you got there.

This isn’t a snowglobe Morty, this is your actual BLRURhouse Morty.

W-what?! W-ww-w-why would you do that?! All our stuff and our family are in there Rick, all our family!

Shut the f-BLRLRrr you mouth Morty, I’ll explain after I break this thing.

Rick! Rick, why would you do that?! Why Rick why?!

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